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Previous measures to reduce global warming through land use change are insufficient

Significantly less than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times, this is the temperature to which global warming should be limited, according to the Paris Climate Agreement.

  1. Fewer forests due to deforestation as well as intensive farming and pastoral agriculture are equally contributing to climate change, as fossil power plants and internal combustion engines.

  2. The most common actions are aimed at significantly reducing deforestation, afforesting large areas and reducing greenhouse gases from agriculture.

  3. For example, India and China want to reforest an area of up to 40 million hectares over the next few years. Forests store large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and can thus reduce the greenhouse gases from agriculture.

  4. Economic interests can also shift national political goals. Factors like the cultivation of oil palm trees is leading to a renewed increase cutting of tropical forests.

  5. Deforestation has increased by 29 percent in Brazil and even by 44 percent in Colombia.


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