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These four values lessen the power of transformational leadership

Source: Iowa State University

Transformational leadership is considered one of the most effective ways to motivate and inspire employees. However, new research finds cultural values significantly limit its effectiveness.

Four components of transformational leadership

  1. Idealized influence: The leader is a role model and behaves the way he/she wants employees to behave.

  2. Inspirational motivation: The leader presents a vision for the future of the organization to inspire employees.

  3. Individualized consideration: The leader develops one-on-one relationships to help employees reach their potential.

  4. Intellectual stimulation: The leader encourages employees to be creative and challenges them to go above and beyond.

Transformational leadership is not ineffective across all cultures. In fact, the meta-analysis found a strong relationship in developing countries

Much of our understanding of transformational leadership has been based on studies focusing solely on employee feedback and measured only a single point in time, providing an incomplete picture of its effectiveness.


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