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Emotionally tuned managers are better at judging workgroup effectivity

Novel experiment shows an ability to detect others' reactions is critical

Source: New York University

  • Experts show for first time that, even on the fly, a manager who can read emotions in others well can better evaluate a working group's performance.

People who are naturally more attuned to others' emotions are better able to judge how well small groups are performing, even when observation times are brief
  • In the current working climate, time is often short and so are the interactions, and a manager might need to briefly join a conference call or just glance through the window at a group working together before hurrying to their next meeting.

  • So it's important to understand whether what they interpret during those brief spells is an accurate portrayal of what's actually happening.

  • Across sectors, particularly in healthcare and science, teams are used and emphasized more than ever before.

This research suggests that as one decides whom to appoint to oversee these teams, it would be well-served taking people's social sensitivity into account.

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