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A new study finds weather affects customer evaluations of restaurants

Was the restaurant really that bad, or was it just the rain?

Source: Ohio State University

There are a few things that will result in poor customer reviews of a restaurant: bad service, bad food, and bad weather. A study of 32 Florida restaurants found that customers left more negative remarks on comment cards on days when it was raining than on days when it was dry.

  • Results showed the odds of patrons leaving very negative comments versus very positive comments were 2.9 times greater on rainy days.

  • In two other online studies done in other parts of the country, results suggested that unpleasant weather left people in bad moods, which was then linked to them having less positive views about the restaurants they visited.

While weather is not the most important factor in how customers reviewed their dining experience, it can't be ignored
  • Pleasant weather elevated consumers' moods, which was linked to a better rating of their restaurant experience and better word-of-mouth compared to those who visited in unpleasant weather.


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