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“Ghost” objects in the sky

The study of orphan bursts have led researchers towards the possibility of what may be many "ghost" objects in the sky, an extremely bright source of radio emissions that blazed into existence in the 1990s and then faded out over next 25 years

Based on the extreme illumination of the radio source and the category of galaxy in which the flare-up ensued, researchers argue that it was the afterglow of the explosion of a massive star, which would have released an undetected long-duration gamma-ray burst. Finding several more gamma-ray bursts will help answer a key question in astronomy today i.e. what are these massive stellar detonations that produce gamma-ray bursts, and what's left behind subsequently?

The research team consisted of members from University of California – Berkeley, University of Toronto's Dunlap Institute, Columbia University and Weizmann Institute in Israel. This research is supported by the National Science Foundation.


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