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Domestication hasn’t made dogs more cooperative than wolves

In an experiment, dogs failed to cooperatively pull the two ends of a rope at the same time to obtain a piece of food. The wolves, on the other hand, showed flawless teamwork. They also waited for a partner to arrive before pulling the rope ends together for food.

It is often hypothesized, that following domestication, dogs should be more tolerant and cooperative with other dogs and humans, compared to wolves. Dogs were tamed so that man had a faultless mate at his side. So, a lot of prominence has been attached to things such as patience and supportive conduct.

Researchers from the Wolf Science Center of the Vetmeduni Vienna, tested with a "loose-string" test setup, whether the trained dog truly is the better team player. The study showed that wolves can flawlessly work together, if they need to co-operate for a piece of food. Similarly raised and kept dogs, although having the same interest in the task in contrast were not able to co-operate and botched the test.


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