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Better together: Human and Robot 'co-workers'

Researchers observe the superiority of human-machine teams

Source: University of Göttingen

More and more processes are being automated. Self-driving delivery vehicles are finding their way into many areas. However, an interdisciplinary research team has observed that cooperation between humans and machines can work much better than just human or just robot teams alone.

The research team simulated a process from production logistics, such as the typical supply of materials for use in the car or engineering industries. A team of human drivers, a team of robots and a mixed team of humans and robots were assigned transport tasks using vehicles. The time they needed was measured.

The mixed team of humans and robots were able to beat the other teams; this coordination of processes was most efficient and caused the fewest accidents

This was quite unexpected, as the highest levels of efficiency are often assumed to belong to those systems that are completely automated.


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