Mind Brunch is a project that aims to provide a healthy diet of ideas and insights to the thinking person in all of us. Why is this world the way it is, why we are the way we are, how did things end up the way they are.  Let us put on our thinking hats, answer some questions and ask a lot more.

The world we live in

In the daily grind in each of our lives, we may miss taking time out to observe, seek and learn about this wonderful place that we live in, and those beyond. People are constantly updating information about our knowledge of the world around. This constant flow of information, however, might be a bit overwhelming for most of us. Yet we strive in our own way to make sense of reality with the information that we can get hold of.

Mind Brunch comes to the rescue

“The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading” – David Bailey. I’m sure, we all agree on that one.

So, can’t we just go ahead and consume all that information and learn by ourselves, you may ask. Of course, you want to read and learn something new today. That is why you are here. Then consider this, a person can manage to cover around 3000 books in a period of 60 years. This is provided if he/she manages to read an entire book every week. Add to this, the constant research, analysis, and data that contribute to new books every year. Surely, it would be an uphill task to consume a mountain of information and learn everything about everything around us.

Here at Mind Brunch, the aim is simple. Take a subject and seek to learn something valuable, in the process of which we all are a little more knowledgeable at the end of the day. Observe. Learn. Explore. Think More

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About Me

My name is Jayatheertha. Some say I might become a jack of all trades but I prefer to call that ‘a polymath in the making.’ You can find me on twitter @ssjayatheertha and LinkedIn at @jayatheerthasavanur.

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